I'll never forget you.


3. Chapter 3

As the chorus fades into the next verse I froze, it took everything in me not to throw up. I instantly regret volunteering for this responsibility. “I-it dawned on me a-at 2 am...” I stuttered. “While you were sleeping, the shadows danced up-on yo-“ I stopped, I couldn’t bring myself to finish, it just wasn’t right, it just didn’t sound right.

I fell to my knees and let the tears roll down my face. The crowd gasped.  I couldn’t face them, so I stared at the stage floor.

“Look up,” I heard a voice say from afar.

I raised my head to see the flickering light of 100,000 candles light the arena. The crowd were holding them up for respect and to show remembrance.

At this point my three sons ran on stage. The four of us – John, William, Ben and I begin to sing in memory of our little irish angel.  When the song faded to silence I once again put the microphone to my mouth.



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