I'll never forget you.


1. Chapter 1

Deep breaths Edward, in and out, I know you can do this! It's been ten years already, just one song, then you can leave, go home and sleep it off.

I kept repeating this to myself.  The whole family are here for support.  I let out a nervous laugh.  I shouldn't be nervous.  I've performed at over 200 venues, some even bigger than this one, so why should this one be any different? I knew exactly why this one was different..I just was too afraid to admit it..

The arena was pitch black, I took centre stage and glanced to my right, I seen my sons, William, John and Ben. They gave me a half smiles but I knew they were finding this just as hard as I was.  The spotlight shone down on me, and I was unable to see anyone in the audience from the darkened room.

My palm got sweaty as I held the microphone in my right hand, I hadn't noticed I was shaking until I glanced down and seen my twitching leg.  I could feel my heart pounding through my chest.

The first note of the song began to play as the lights flickered.  With the stage light on, I was able to see the audience more clearly.  For a minute, I just stood there, and looked at the audience and smiled.  Not a seat was empty.  100,000 people had turned up, just to hear me sing one song.  Fully aware that the performance would be aired live on national television, I braced myself, waiting for my cue to start singing.  The audience fell silent, awaitng my first note..


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