Denne "Movella" bliver et samsurium af digte.


3. Love


I know what love is

Love is peace

Love is harmony

Love is warmth

Love is a heartbeat

Love is light

Love is many things


I thought I had the love

I thought I had the light

But now I have to decide

What I want to do with my life


You showed me the love

You showed me the blush

You showed me the warmth

And the need to touch


You showed me a heartbeat

You showed me the light

You showed me your soul

And took me out into the night


You took me out of my twilight

You took me into the light

You gave me back my heart

And now I feel like a god


I denied my life

I denied my love

I denied my world’

And it is not enough



Remember my light

Remember my night

We now have to decide

And see if we can do the right

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