Zombie Days

Rose and Ben are highschool students. Their world is turned up side down. A disease that turns anyone into a zombie (if you get bitten by one) has entered the town. Rose and Ben are fighting for their lives. But Rose has a secret that nobody knows about and Ben is trying to figure it out.


3. Point Two

It didn't take long for the clean up crew to get here. One of the crew gave me an envolope from my farther and a bottle of the blood. When that was all over it was just me and Ben. For a while we were just staring at each other. I turn to the window and open the envolope. And i started to read it.

Dear Rose,

                  Thank you for cleaning up the mess for me again. I really thank you.

You told me the new transfer student shaw you take it out. Could you bring him to the house.

I would like to meet this person.

Thank you again, see you soon


It was almost time to go home and i have to bring the new transfer home. You got to be kidding me.

"Now can you tell me who you are and what the hell happened"

"Oh yeah, i didn't tell you who i am"

"No you didn't"

"I am Rose Ever-Green. Nice to meet you Ben"

"How can you be so calm when you were just attacked"

"This is going to take awhile, oh yeah. My farther wants to meet you. The bell will ring in 5 minutes. If you want to know whats going on, you will come and meet him"


I was shocked he would come that easily.

"Why do you answer that quikly. You will not like the answer. And you will have the same burden as me"

"What do you mean"

"Every time one of those things gets out. My farther gets me to kill it. There is only one reason i kill them and that is to keep my bloodlust down"

"So is that why you have red eyes"

"My eyes are red"


I start to unscrew the lid of the bottle when Ben asks "What are you going to do with that"

"Drink it". I drink it until there is non left.

"Are you a vampire?"

"Only part"

"Whats the other part"

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