Zombie Days

Rose and Ben are highschool students. Their world is turned up side down. A disease that turns anyone into a zombie (if you get bitten by one) has entered the town. Rose and Ben are fighting for their lives. But Rose has a secret that nobody knows about and Ben is trying to figure it out.


4. Point Three

"The other part. Do you know what that thing was?"

"Nope, why"

"That is what we call a zombie. My dad created me and them." I had been wearing gloves for the best part of my life. I never took them off, unless i am at home. I took them of.

"Wha - what the hell!" my hands are a grayish colour.

"I am part zombie. My dad will tell you the details at my house."

Just as i was about to answer the bell rang. Me and Ben just looked at each other.

"You really want to know whats going on"

"Yeah, tell me"

"Follow me" I started walk towards the car park. Then headed towards a black jeep. It was new, i just got it not to long ago.

"Nice jeep,now that i think about it, where did the bat go".

"Just shut up will you. My dad will tell you"

"Stop telling me to shut up, will ya"

"No, i can do what i want, and nobady can stop me"

"What about the police"

"Nope, I have permision from the police, they know what i'am and what i do"

"You'r dad?"

"He will tell you when you meet him".

We got into my car and left the car park. My house is in the middle of the forest, so nobody has ever been there. This is the first time i have brought somene home with me. It's weird.


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