Zombie Days

Rose and Ben are highschool students. Their world is turned up side down. A disease that turns anyone into a zombie (if you get bitten by one) has entered the town. Rose and Ben are fighting for their lives. But Rose has a secret that nobody knows about and Ben is trying to figure it out.


2. Point One

I had just gotten to the place where i heared the scream did i finaly reilised that the new boy Ben had followed me.

"Go to you'r class room. Now" i said when something suddenly grabed my wrist. I turn round and meat a hideous face, The Prototype.

"Let her go" it came the new kid Ben. He was trying to pull me away from the thing that he see's.

"Let me go, Ben" i say a pull my wrist free from both hands. I then kick the zombie in the leg so it would break and he would not be able to move. But it didn't.

"Shit. It's differant from the others. oh well." I put my hand out to my side and a bright light flashed, and when the light disappered what was left was a wooden bat.

"How did you do that" i suddenly reilised that Ben was still here.

"Keep quite, if you want to live" i kepted my back towards him because my eyes are red. My eyes turn red every time i fight a zombie. It's my bloodlust. To keep me statified i drink the blood of zombies. No i am not a vampire. I have something else. I am half vampire half zombie. I am the only one of my kind and i am the only one who can kill the zombies. I am not really his child. My father is the one who created me to be like this, in case anything goes wrong. Like right now. A zombie in my school. The zombie started to move towards me and i took a swing at the head. It just left a little dent.

"It's stronger than the others"

"What the fuck is going on here?" i could tell he was frightened but he was also angery because i would not answer him.

"Just shut the fuck up, if you want to live"

"Stop theartning me, will you"

"Well. It's ture. If you don't shut up you will die"

"Fine, i will be quite"

"thanks" the zombie came at me again and i hit it in the stomach. When it bent forward i raised the bat and lowered it right at the neck point. The head come off and the body slumped to the floor. I got out my phone and dial my dad.


"I'm finished. I need a clean up crew here now"

"Ok. It took longer than the others."

"Two reasons. One it had harder skin than the other. Two the new tranfer student would not sut up"

"Somebody shaw you. I would like to meat him.Ok"

"Ok, bye"


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