Zombie Days

Rose and Ben are highschool students. Their world is turned up side down. A disease that turns anyone into a zombie (if you get bitten by one) has entered the town. Rose and Ben are fighting for their lives. But Rose has a secret that nobody knows about and Ben is trying to figure it out.


1. The starting point

It started when i was at school. I was walking past the window that shows the view of the front gate. There was a man trying to get in. I knew that person because he is one of my fathers experiments, a zombie. Nobody in this school knows about the experiments or the zombies or about my powers.

This zombie is only a prototype.

I got my phone out and rang my dad.

"Hi dad, are you busy right now"

"Yes, i am looking for that prototype, why?"

"Well the prototype is here at my school"

"Can you do me a favour, sweetheart"

"You want me to take it out, don't you"

"Yes, please. But remember not to get caught, ok"

"yeah, ok. Because i am the only one who can take them out"

"Sorry, sweetheart, bye"

"Bye". I put my phone away and turned round to be meat by a boy. He has blonde hair with blue eyes.

"Hi, um, sorry to disturb you but could you please tell me where to find room B10."

"Just down the hall to the left" i started to walk down the hall in the opossite direction.

"Thanks. I'm Ben by the way"

"It's nice to meat you, but i'm kinda in a hurry" and then there was a scream. I turn around a saw the front gate was open.

"Shit" and i took off running in the direction of the scream.

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