Barnyard Blood

An elderly woman gets more than she bargained for when she signs several people to upgrade her newly-purchased delapidated farm, everything is going well--or is it? A storm locks them in the barn; how will these strangers survive? A touch of horror in a bucket of heart-melting romance and fantasy!


1. We found strangers

Dawn sighed. The farm was going to waste! She was normally far more upbeat, but now was simply disgraced and tired of trying. So the old woman twirled a stray strand of soft ginger hair as she planned.

"Dawn, sweetie! It's me! Cousin Gracie!" A merry voice cried. Dawn ran to open the open the heavy door, waiting for her beloved cousin.

" Oh! Grace! You came; thank you." Dawn smiled as she embraced the pretty Grace

"I enlisted some helpers! You've got two giggly friends--Donna and Betty-- who seem a bit uncertain. A handsome gentleman volounteered so I signed his name; Gerald Barker, he was, some others might come too!" She giggled happily as she read from a scriblled list. Grace had striking emerald green eyes that were peircing and very emotional. Her hair was thick and chocolatey with luscious cream strips through it; at 45 she was still unusually beautiful. Her skin was like porcelain and was clear, her nose was sculpted to a unique finish, her mouth was a soft sunset red hue and was very curvy; her heart was as pure as her youthful beauty! Grace was clad in soft summer shades of blue and yellow with a snug hood pinned to her smooth scarf. Dawn, on the other hand, was quite different! Her eyes were soft and smoky as age had smoothed out the bright eyes she once bore proudly, her hair was still in smoothed-out ringlets of a fierce ginger tint! At 72 she had expected to look frail and lifeless--quite the contrary!

Somebody was timidly tapping on the door--KNOCK KNOCK! So, hospitable Grace bounded towards the large frame and tugged it open.

"Hello? Is this Miss. Mcdonald's residence? I'm Donna, buisness-woman superior. This is my confidante Betty." A sweet girl grinned when she saw the smiley Grace stood before her.

"Of ourse! Do come in! What were your names again, sweetheart?" Grace gestured for the pair to enter, and, nervously, so they did.

"I'm Betty Coral O'shea. I'm a simple girl, I design interiors and clothing; this is my closest friend Donna Meryl Holiday! She is, as she said, buisness extraordinare! We offered to help you restore the estate! It's rather nice, pity it's been so badly treated; there is much potential in such a versatile, magnificent setting, you know!" Betty was very tall (about six feet) and had the sweetest pale blue eyes that lit up the whole room! Her hair was straight and shiny, a magnificent copper hue! She was dressed in a dainty sunny yellow mini-dress with layers of lace and a silkly canvas. Donna, however, was about 5ft and had deep, swampy green eyes that were mysterious and seductive. Her hair was wavy and a cheery beach blonde! She was in a dull grey "night-gown". The two had character, that was obvious from the second they waltzed throught the antique door!

"Welcome." Dawn snapped coldly. She didn't warm to such ambitious (or idiotic) girls like them! She loathed how they felt as though they could do anything, they thought they knew it a;l--but they didn't! She was ambitious herself, but in a committed knowledgable way; her method was far more intrigueing. Grace frowned at Dawn's harsh word. " Don't screw up that face Grace! It's an attractive one; might come in handy sooner or later..."

"Maybe you could attempt being a kind host!" Grace snapped back, tossing her lovely thick hair. So Dawn grinned comically and hugged the unsuspecting Donna and Betty.

"Here," Dawn threw two scarlet gowns at the girls. "Put these on as soon as possible;they will be your clothes from now on. I am Ms. Dawn Vanessa McDonald. This is my dear cousin Grace Xinia Boqwden, unmarried sweetheart! My vision of this land is contrasting themed areas, very elegant; it's a very gfertile land so we will need a gardener. I will need your help, also, for hiring employees!" Grace already had put her gown on, Dawn slipped hers on, Betty and Donna hurriedly stepped into the cotton sheet. Another knock on the door arose--KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! These were more "masculine" knocks so Dawn flipped her curls and raced towards the door.

"Hello! I am master Gerald Louis Barker! Pleased to meet you; you must be the lovely Dawn McDonald?" He shook hands eagerly with a gawping Dawn. He had sparkling chocolate brown eyes, a thick mop of ginger hair flipping over his tanned forhead, he was between 5 and 6 feet; he was very handsome! So each person in the old farm began to toy with their hair and smooth out their plain gowns.

" Well hello! You seem a gentleman indeed! Yes I am Dawn! Here, please put on these red dungarees!" He went out of the door and tugged on the itchy corduroy dungarees as quickly as his muscular limbs would allow!

The living room was looking splendid! An under-the-sea theme had been applied to the airy room. With veridian walls and an aquamarine sofa spread across one corner. A miniature radio was painted honey-yellow to look like a starfish pinned to the wall by a golden ribbon; the carpet was a deep-sea green, a large fish tank was fitted into a wall (it was filled with flamboyant tropical fish and other sea creatures). A cyan table of stone was set in the centre, a chandelier spun ab0ove the blue and green room. The little lamps were shaped as sea creatures and were set upon glass tables with little fish inside! It only took four hours to complete the dazzling room.

"Wow!" Dawn exclaimed as she stepped back to survey the "Sea Suite" as it was dubbed! Another group of knocks banged at the door, so Donna fetched he weary workers from out front.

"Hello; I am David Cannings!" One handsome young man announced. He seemed about 18 and had unusual steel blue-gray eyes that shone with the light of the beloved sun; his hair was sheer blonde light with pale brown streaks running through it. He was a few inches shorter than Betty and was slim. He was already in Oxford blue dungarees--did he know the dress code? Behind him a sweet girl stood. She seemed his age and was a little shorter than him. Her eyes were even more unusual than Grace's! The sparkling summer green hue they had... Her dark blonde hair had a coppery shine to it. She was slim and wore a sweet chartruese dress with a little lemon yellow hat perched on her pretty little head.

"I'm Sandy..." She muttered innocently. Behind mysterious Sandy stood an elderly man whom was her height and had mid brown eyes that were dull but kind. His hair was a striking strawberry blonde that seemed unusual for a man (presumably) in his early 60's! He was in denim dunarees that were wornout and dirty. The old man was the well-known Morris Sawyer. A quiet, happy, creative man--nothing more, nothing less.

The kitchen was vast and based on hell, as the kitchen would obviously get hot. SO, David set to work on painting the high walls whilst Gerald fitted anything necessary and carried any heavy objects. Dawn was speaking to Grace and Betty about the design. Donna was organising everything. Sandy was fitting curtains and little extra appliances. Morris was doing everything! Hours later they all stood back to admire their work. The fuschia curtains were silken and tied back with develish red bows. Attractive flame paint was sprayed along the walls, artistic flames of orange and scarlet licking the walls. The appliances (ovens, toasters etc) were all claret and burgundy stripes. The tiled floor was of a striking cardinal shade. The walls were adorned with little signs with devils and witty phrases on. The whole room was brought to life by the huge magenta light. The tabletops were cherry red and decorated with black inscribed storys and poems.

"I want to congratulate Sandy! She did a fabulous job of picking out the curtains--which I love!" Grace chuckled to everybody. Soon they were at it again--DING-DONG!

"FInally! Someone uses the darn bell!" Betty shrieked. She raced towards the slightly open door and welcomed in 4 unlikely volounteers. One seemed very friendly, ostentatious.

"Hello! I am Diane! Dawn's dearest sister; of course!" She drawled. She had mud brown eyes that sparkled eagerly. Her hair was only a shade or two darker than Dawn's and she wore pearls wherever possible! Her gown was pearl itself and she had a purple fur shrug--fancy eh? Her lips were smothered in crimson paint and her eyes were lined with black liquid so they had a flicked line streaming out from the corner.

"Diane!" Dawn shrieked as she raced across the room. The two embraced and were soon off merrily! The three behind the attention-seeking Diane were: a young lad, his even younger sister and a relatively young lively girl. The lad was about 17 or 18 and was far taller than Betty O'shea! His icy blue eyes were frosty and attractive, his hair was a burnt ochre tinted silky mess! He wore a blue suit that seemed old and worn. His sister was about 14 and had pea green eyes with the most beautiful rust coloured hair. She looked friendly and lively--a nice girl! She wore a bottle green wrap-around gown that fitted tightly. The older gfirl was probably in her early-mid 20's and seemed cute! She was just over 5ft and had unusual taupe eyes, her hair was ebony and silken as it tumbled beneath her shoulders. Her dress was a pale lilic shade and was an off-the-shoulder day dress with sparkles of silver.

"Hi, I'm Chris! You're doing a spectacular job on the old manor! Better watch out for all these silly storms then?" He cried with a grin right across his face.

"I'm Patty, his little sister! We're the Kavanagh's! Patty Krisitena and Chris Jordan! We like your home..." The younger girl muttered.

"I'm Marilyn! Marilyn Fawn Ingall!" The elder girl waved thoughtlessly, nearly slapping wide-eyed Grace on her nose!

"Pleased to meet you Chris, Patty and Marilyn! We've begun the newest room and really do appreciate your genorosity and your time!" Betty grinned sweetly to the passing guests.

Everything was going perfectly as the group had their break in te vast barn. They were having a delightful picnic... Scrumptious scones, tantalising twist sweets, enticing egg-concoctions, delicious dairy, yummy yogurts, tempting tea cakes, choice cakes... Vanilla and Soda Floats were placed around the barn and luscious lemonade's were dotted about, coffee mugs were strewn atop a broken table, tea cups on saucers were daintily prodded into the perfect position amongst bundles of brownies. Cookies were piled atop shining plates, choc-chip and ginger cookies being steadily munched on (nutty cookies were clearly not favoured). Blankets were smoothly placed onto the barn's uneven floor and picnic hampers lay on the floor. A table of cakes wobbled precariously as it's delightful treats swayed; victoris sponges, fruit cakes, cupcakes... The list goes on! But was everthying really as perfect as it may have seemed?

CRASH! A boom shook the barn, the cups rattled violently and the rafters groaned, the door slammed shut and with an ear-splitting crack, the lock snapped!


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