Lips of Evil

this is an unfinished piece of work, but i think i will carry on with it just need ideas, hope you guys like it. its not a full romantic story, it has some elements of a thriller


1. one


The rain was beating hard against the sheets of glass that formed her window. The rain fell across the window in a certain way to make it look like the window was crying. She watch the water fall as she looked out on to the empty street, sitting in her window with her legs pulled closely to her chest, she could feel her heart beat being hard, pounding against her chest, a single tear fell from her green eyes, a lump was forming in her throat she couldn’t keep it in any longer.

  She loved him more than anything in the world, even though she would push him away and annoy him; it never changed how she felt about him. To her he was everything, he was wonderful and perfect, the type of guy she had dream to fall in love with, but she was messing it all up, causing fights and being stupid and insecure. She knew this had to stop but she didn’t know how to stop it, her feelings were all confused and messed up, but she knew she didn’t want him to walk away again. She had only just got him back. 

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