katniss and gale's private

have you ever wondered if gale and katniss had a private life that wasn't in the books of the hunger games


1. what katniss said to gale that wasn't in the book.

dear Gale,

i dont know why.

I guess I was just too weak.

Too afraid.

But I kept it inside.

And now, Im sorry I didn't tell you.

I shouldn't have kept it to myself.

i was only thinking about me.

i was selfish.

i am selfish.

im sorry.

i regret what i did.

it wasn't meant to be this way, and i know that what im saying, it really does sound cliche.

i didnt want to be hurting. but instead, i hurt you.

i wish i could take this pain away from you, but its something i just cant do.


line after line after line. so many excuses, but which is the truth? none. you hurt me, and by doing this, you hurt yourself. i think... i feel betrayed. i thought we could tell eachother everything. but you never told me that you only "liked" me because i could feed your family

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