My Name is Bond, Jane Bond

007 goes missing and his niece Jane comes to the recue.


1. Prologue

Agent 007 was chilling in his pool when the phone rang.  "Hello this is Bond, James Bond,"

"James, its me, your sister Marie"

"Ohhh Marie so good to hear from you. What do you want?" James replied.  They had a very traditional brother-sister relationship.  It was a love - hate kinda thing.  He was the bad-man spy; she was the goody two shoes perfect daughter.

"Is it all right with you if Jane comes and stays with you over the summer holidays?"

"Well I'm kind of busy-" James was cut off in the middle of his protest, "That's great thank you, she will arrive next saturday afternoon. Byyeee!"

" But," the phone went dead "Bye then."

The truth was James wasn't doing anything over the summer.  He hadn't had a mission in ages since he was supposed to be lying low because PJ (a super powerful terrorist) was after him.  To be honest looking after his niece would be a perfect way to act normal however he had heard she could be quite a handful.

007 didn't realise just how hard that summer was going to be...

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