My parents say we are moving, but I don't want to, they can't make me.


2. School

It's my last day at school today,I don't even know how I'm going to say goodbye..."Hey, Kara!,come on,Miss Bundall is about to start the lesson!"calls Emma,my best friend"OK,I'll be there in a minute!"I shouted back from the other side of the corridor.I finally make my way into the classroom and everyone turns their heads to stare at me with open mouths as if I committed a serious crime,but thats normal because Miss Bundall gives anyone a triple detention even if they're less than a second late."Kara Bell!I am ashamed of you!your usually early....never mind I can't give you a detention seeing as it is your last day,please sit."I make my way towards my seat and freeze,shell-shocked,there in my seat,laughing and tossing her hair around with my best friend is Tia,the meanest girl in the class,no,make that the whole school.She's the type of rich girl who probably owns a whole closet of Paul's Boutique items,the sort of girl who comes to school with thick make-up and bright orange foundation smeared all over her face and glittery stuff in her hair.Here she is in my seat with my best friend."Oh,Kara,you can sit at the back" "I-" "yes,at the back"sneered Emma,joining in.So I went and sat at the back,I guess I am moving but I thought we would still be friends,and of course she can make new friends,but Tia? Its all to much to take in.The rest of the day I laze around in the library during playtimes and lunchtimes flicking through endless amounts of books.

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