My parents say we are moving, but I don't want to, they can't make me.


1. The story so far

"We're moving" that's all it is for my parents,but not for me,my life,my future career,my friends...all gone! My whole life is like a piece of writing all gone wrong,screwed up and thrown carelessly in the bin.I won't go, they can't make me. I'm Kara by the way,Kara with a K, not a C. I have a life already,and a rather good one,I'm 13 and I go to Bellson Academy, I have good friends ,good grades and I think a bright future is ahead of me,but as I'm working up towards my GCSE's,up to the stars, they tell me We're moving and I come plummeting down to Earth again.Parent's  never think about their kids,if they got offered a new job on the other side of the world then its just like a simple flick of a finger,flights booked,bags packed and jobs all studied.They don't care about us, about our friends,our schools,our lives,nothing matters,they just drag us along like a heavy bag of luggage,whether we like it or not.  

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