The powers of four.

Four 13 year olds, Cathy,Zelda,Mathew,and Sam, are new to Walkbrook high school they have persuaded there parents to send them to a different school after being bullied and excluded in their old schools. This is all for the same reason, they all have a certain ability in common.......


2. uncovering similarities.


"How did you know my name?" i demanded. Zelda looked uncomfortable and her smile began to fade. "It's probably best if i didn't know you goodbye Cathy, nice meeting you" and she ran off just like that. "wait!" i shouted pulling her back by her coat but she struggled away my chance to make a friend, ruined. I looked at my watch 9:51am i didn't know much about school because i had bunked of lots, but i was almost certain that being late wasn't a good thing to happen on your first day. I picked up my pace and within 15 minuets i had arrived at Walkbrooke high. "sorry I'm late" i said to our form tutor miss cassidy she glared at me with disapproval. "you must me Cathy Brooke .....looking at the reports for your last school you miss school lots and are often distracted in class drawing things on fire and screwing it up?" she said almost softly, "yes miss sorry" she gave me one last glare and carried on.


At lunch i sat out in the sun on one of the benches a quiet breeze in the air suddenly i spotted Zelda sat on the bench next to mine the color from her face was gone the bright green in her eyes its was like the life was gone from her. She gave me a dark look picked up her bag and slowly walked off.A boy was waiting for her at the gate with short floppy black hair and dark eyes and black clothes she ran to him and flung her arms around him and then they walked out the gate. I turned back and noticed there was a boy sat across from me," that's Mathew,Zelda's boyfriend,well......" he stopped, "what is it?" i questioned. you wouldn't get it..... it's a secret i guess. I gave a deep sigh, "you know something to don't you?" he asked suspiciously. "no!" i shouted. "your like me" he said. I hesitated, "prove it" i demanded "you were neglected and left out and bullied your mum once locked you in your room for a week." "punch me" he said. "what?" i asked in shock

just do it" so i did. His eyes turned fiery red and i could fell pain on my arms big red marks appeared on my arms i screamed. he stopped the pain began to go of... "you  are like me"





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