The powers of four.

Four 13 year olds, Cathy,Zelda,Mathew,and Sam, are new to Walkbrook high school they have persuaded there parents to send them to a different school after being bullied and excluded in their old schools. This is all for the same reason, they all have a certain ability in common.......


3. The danger begins.

After all these years of not fitting in and being forgotten I had finnally found someone who is like me.



"my name is sam" He said, I came to months ago Zelda and Sam were new to,


Zelda and Sam have been to together for a long time Zelda was forced into it really.

Zelda's powers are different to are's. And Mathew wants them.He's controlling her he took it from her she no longer one of us.", he said almost angrily."how do you meen?" i asked curiously. "come to my house tonight and i will explain" he said firmly.

If she has something i must have it to, i thought. A million pounds? i said to myself and laughed very loudly as i entered the hall everyone turned round and roared with laughter. "going round the bend a bit kid?!" said a year 11 thumping me in the side as he walked off.

He'd hit the nail on the head loopy was my middle name! no its rose said part of me. "Shut up" i exclaimed out loud. And covered my mouth quickly as soon as i realised what i had done. The bell went to mark the beginning of class, an easy escape!

Zelda usually sat in front of me in class but she wasn't there. I sat pondering it through all the classes not really consentraiting on what was going on. After school i met Sam by the same bench in the yard. Then we walked to the buss stop in silence. "when will Zelda come back?" i asked."Look Cathy, Zelda isn't coming back" he said sorrowfull  



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