The powers of four.

Four 13 year olds, Cathy,Zelda,Mathew,and Sam, are new to Walkbrook high school they have persuaded there parents to send them to a different school after being bullied and excluded in their old schools. This is all for the same reason, they all have a certain ability in common.......


5. stern talk

Well thanks for inviting me round Sam, i said, i best get going.

"you're not getting out of it that easily" he said pulling me by the rim of my t shirt, i'm going to train you so you're ready come home with me tomorrow and we will start.

I ran out the house before he could breath another word as i stepped out the door some boys whistled at the buss stop from school "ooo looks like you bagged yourself Sammy boy eh?!" they laughed.

"Be quite!" i said but i couldn't help smiling i walked down the street fishing for my mobile in my bag i phoned mum, no answer i left a message: "hi mum it's Cathy i was in detention so that's why i'm running late be home soon bye." why did i even bother i thought to myself, i bet she hasn't even noticed. I passed the brides maids shop the windows were boarded up. odd i thought to myself i swiveled my head slightly and i could have been certain that in the corner of my eye i had seen Mathew and Zelda, i'm imagining things i said to myself i turned the corner and got up to my house got out my keys and turned them in the lock and walked through to the kitchen, there was mum drumming her long fingernails down on the table

"so" she began,"About this so called 'detention'  snorted mum. I stayed silent, i knew what was coming next. "well?" mum splutterd what was it for?"  i did some quick thinking "uuuum" i began i got involed in a fight at break" she gave me a dark look "hmm.. so how come i met Rosa who told me you went to some sam's house? i bit my lip....... what to say next?




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