The powers of four.

Four 13 year olds, Cathy,Zelda,Mathew,and Sam, are new to Walkbrook high school they have persuaded there parents to send them to a different school after being bullied and excluded in their old schools. This is all for the same reason, they all have a certain ability in common.......


4. sam's house

"Sam why isn't Zelda coming back? tell me!" i demanded.

"I told you I'll tell you at my house!" he said angrily we boarded the buss in silence like the rest of the journey. It began to rain hard and i stared outside the steamed up window, to little girls skipped through the puddles hand in hand. "This is our stop" said Sam, not looking at me. We got off the buss to face a big old Victorian house, it was painted peach but the paper was peeling off the was a sign say copper wood house hanging off. "This is the place"said Sam with a snigger. "It's, eeeeeerrrrrrrrmmmmmm, nice, i said trying not to be rude.

"You don't have to lie from the outside it looks pretty awful"he lead the way in the wallpaper was grey and torn, everything was damp all the floor boards we split and the were rats scuttling around we opened the door to the first door it consisted of a broken bed a chair with springs coming out of it and a wooden chest of draws he beckoned me in he walked over to the chest of draws and started rummaging through the draws to pull out a small navy blue box he put in floor and we both sat down in front of it. He slowly lifted the lid to reveal a silver chain with a silver circle on the end ruby and diamonds were encrested on it he opened it up to reveal a word:'Emelda'. "It's beautiful," i murmured , "but what does it mean?" 

"Emelda was the owner of the necklaces, four to be exact she chose four friends to give a necklace to each when she passed away, my family,your family, Zelda's family, and Mathews family if one necklace is broken.... the owner of the necklace shall perish." said Sam.

"So Mathew intends to steal Zelda's necklace and break it?" i said more than a little frightened. 

"Yes" said Sam, and its up to us to save her." terror spread across my face, Zelda's life was in my hands.         




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