Sorry Mum, I'm a Lesbian

Harmony lives in a Catholic household in a Church of England society, and has never found it easy. But when she discovers she's a lesbian, she has to lead several different lives at once to cover up secrets that would make her friends and family ashamed. Her already complicated life starts getting harder to handle, so she asks herself: 'Would it hurt anyone to tell her sister?' She does, and that move gets her life spinning out of control. Can Harmony pull the right strings to untangle her knotted life?


1. Prologue


I’m going to keep this short.

My name is Harmony Stevenson and I’m 14 years old. I have two sisters: Verity is 16 and Isla is 12. I have a Mum, Corrine, and a Dad, Declan.

That is the simple part.

My family are Roman Catholic in a Church of England society. It takes 20 minutes in the car to get to church, and me and my sisters have all gained the nickname of ‘Virgin Mary’. What a coincidence. Although I am not a true OTT Catholic, unfortunately my parents are.


My life is complicated enough anyway, but one year ago it got even more complicated.


Last year I discovered I was a lesbian.

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