Sorry Mum, I'm a Lesbian

Harmony lives in a Catholic household in a Church of England society, and has never found it easy. But when she discovers she's a lesbian, she has to lead several different lives at once to cover up secrets that would make her friends and family ashamed. Her already complicated life starts getting harder to handle, so she asks herself: 'Would it hurt anyone to tell her sister?' She does, and that move gets her life spinning out of control. Can Harmony pull the right strings to untangle her knotted life?


17. Juliet and Juliet.

Finally back at school, and, first lesson, Drama. I'm with Cassie in Drama so I am fine! But, also I am with Zoey and that is not so fine. Our Drama task was to create a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet.

Mine and Cassie's names were called out to perform last, unfortunately, there wasn't enough boys in the class so 2 girls had to work together. Fortunately, the 2 girls working together were, yep you guessed it, me and Cassie!

We took our places on the stage. Cassie standing poised and perfect, me slouching in my chair with a beer bottle in my hand (my drinks bottle).

"Hello." Cassie says, as the scene begins.

"Y'alright?" I slur, which gets a round of laughter from the class.

"Are you drunk?" She asks. I get up to answer her, take 2 steps and fall over.

"Do you think I am drunk?" I ask, which sets the class off laughing again.

Basically, throughout the scene, Romeo -me- tries to get Juliet -Cassie- drunk. In the end, he spikes her drink, with one too many shots of vodka. Although Juliet is now drunk, she has enough common sense to try and avoid Romeo's persistence to let her be kissed by him, however, her good posture and nature has been evaporated by drink.

"Are you tryin' to get a cheap snog?" She asks sliding off her bar seat -school desk- I throw my head back in laughter.

"No I want an expensive one honey!"

She laughs and hiccups back onto her seat. We turn our bodies to face one anothers. I lean in slowly, she hiccups.

"Will you my sweet Juliet grant this young man a wish that might save his life?" I say slurred.

"Why surely I *hiccup* would if it would *hiccup* save a life?" She says.

"Kiss me?" I persist. Juliet gets up and  starts to walk away, but, Romeo grabs her arm and pulls her back to him so, she is standing with her hand over his heart and, his hands on her waist.

"I'll put you in my top ten friends on Facebook?" I say which gets a horrendous amount of laughter. We wait till it has all died down then, Juliet speaks.

"Well, in that case, I must oblige!"

Romeo and Juliet Kiss.



We are not Romeo and Juliet, we shouldn't be kissing not in front of a whole class of people. I think about trying to push Cassie away, but, her lips are too soft and I realize something I should of done a long time ago.

I am a Lesbian.

And I am proud to be.

We continue to kiss, and one by one, the class begins to clap. Everyone except Zoey. I push my lips harder against Cassie's and she returns my desire.

Eventually Miss Williams coughs and we pull away from one another, take a bow and return  to our seats. 

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