Sorry Mum, I'm a Lesbian

Harmony lives in a Catholic household in a Church of England society, and has never found it easy. But when she discovers she's a lesbian, she has to lead several different lives at once to cover up secrets that would make her friends and family ashamed. Her already complicated life starts getting harder to handle, so she asks herself: 'Would it hurt anyone to tell her sister?' She does, and that move gets her life spinning out of control. Can Harmony pull the right strings to untangle her knotted life?


19. Bargain

I stared at my sister with wide, scared eyes.

"What? How? Why?" I hardly manage to spit those words out. She gave me a sly smile, and turned from cute sister mode to backstabbing cobra mode.

"Aw, diddums. Scared of your 12 year old sister, eh? You should be. I'm the most popular girl in my year, and I'm daddy's favourite child. Verity is Mum's favourite, so you have no one to run to, apart from dear old Cassie." She hissed my girlfriend's name like it was poison on her tongue; I felt my anger boil up inside again.

"Oh dear, what would Mum say?'Harmony's gay, too bad, she's going to hell.'" I slapped her round the face: and she just laughed.

"What will you do to me, Harry? You can't stop me, Harry. You can't stop me from telling your secret to mother." Every time she spat out my shortened, boyish name it bounced around my ears, sinking its teeth into my eardrum. I single tear slid out of my eye. She gave a triumphant smirk; she thought she'd won.

"Okay, okay, please stop, just tell me how you found out." I tried to hold my sadness and anger down, but it started to spill out my ears and nose.

"That's easy, homo, Facebook." I saw a loophole. I had a way to win.

"You're not allowed Facebook, you have to be 13."

"Yeah, but Mum's not going to know, is sh..." Isla trailed off and saw where I was going. This time I gave the smirk.

"If you tell Mum that I'm gay, I could tell her that you have Facebook. If I get punished I could drag you down with me." Her face became the worried one. "Now let's make a bargain: we're going to keep our mouths shut. We won't rat each other out. But if you squawk, the truce is broken and I can tell on you too. And vice versa, but I know better than to tell on you. Deal?" I put out my hand. She nodded.

"Deal." She shook my hand and smiled briefly. "Now get out of my room."

I was glad to, the pink was giving me a headache.

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