Lilly's Life

Lilly was in an illegal form of experiments when she was a newborn baby. She was eventually let out when she was just a toddler, when she was let out she had a minor form of Autism. When she was just 9 she had another chance to be a older sister as her mum was pregnant but her mum did the same to her sister Tiggan. When Tiggan was 3 and Lilly finally decided Tiggan wasn't going to come home she packed some bags of stuff and left to kidnap her sister and live on the streets with her. But what will happen when the experimentor doctor finds out where Lilly is?...


4. Tiggan?

9 months passed by quickly and sitting in the July sun I hear my mum scream.
"Lilly, quick, call an ambulance, I'm giving birth!"
Obidiently I call an ambulance and tell the woman at the other end of the phone all the details.
A few hours later my mum is sitting in the hospital bed crying. I come in and ask her if Tiggan is dead, she replies with a shake of her head as a man in a white lab coat walks in and takes my sister away.
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