Lilly's Life

Lilly was in an illegal form of experiments when she was a newborn baby. She was eventually let out when she was just a toddler, when she was let out she had a minor form of Autism. When she was just 9 she had another chance to be a older sister as her mum was pregnant but her mum did the same to her sister Tiggan. When Tiggan was 3 and Lilly finally decided Tiggan wasn't going to come home she packed some bags of stuff and left to kidnap her sister and live on the streets with her. But what will happen when the experimentor doctor finds out where Lilly is?...


2. Scarred for life

The day I left the clinic was the day my mum realised she'd made a fatal mistake. The minute I stepped outside it was a whole new world. Everything was out of place, I started crying. That was when my mother realised that autism had been injected into me those long days at Mill Sanctuary Testing Clinic (MSTC).
She only did it for the money. She didn't even save it. She just spent it on fags, booze, drugs, clothes, Shea even gifts for her new boyfriends. I don't even think she thought about me at all, in fact, I bet 99% of the time she had forgotten that she had had a daughter on the first place.
But my mother had put me through alot and now I was scarred. Scarred for life.
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