Lilly's Life

Lilly was in an illegal form of experiments when she was a newborn baby. She was eventually let out when she was just a toddler, when she was let out she had a minor form of Autism. When she was just 9 she had another chance to be a older sister as her mum was pregnant but her mum did the same to her sister Tiggan. When Tiggan was 3 and Lilly finally decided Tiggan wasn't going to come home she packed some bags of stuff and left to kidnap her sister and live on the streets with her. But what will happen when the experimentor doctor finds out where Lilly is?...


3. Lucky Dip

"Darling, I have got some great news!" my mother said cheerfully. I was hopeful. I wanted something great. A holiday. A new home. A proper education in a great school. I smiled sweetly as she bump her hand over a small bump on her tummy. "I am having a new baby! She is a girl and I thought you should name her" she smiled at me, a small salty tear coming out of her eye. Maybe she really does feel sorry for what she's done to me so now she wants a second chance.
"I think we should call her Tiggan mum" I said watching my mother laugh in pain as Tiggan kicked her belly.
We had a lovely evening together, we watched a film, we ordered pizza, we danced around the living room pretending to be on Strictly Come Dancing. After the clock struck 2.30am my mum quickly turned off the music and ushered me up to bed, probably worrying the neighbours would call the social again.
I went upstairs and put on my pyjamas and clambered into bed. I was very hopeful for this new baby but maybe after I'd be hopeful it was just be a lucky dip. You've heard the saying; you've won a prize in the lucky dip all to find out it was a marble. Lucky dip, mum. Lucky dip.
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