He Doesn't Love Me Back...

Skye is only 14 when she falls for a guy, and oh boy, does she fall. But does he feel the same way?


6. Wednesday Wonders

I haven't talked to Jay for a week now. We just walk straight past each other, no eye contact, no smile, no sound. It may seem bad but that's the least of it, let me just say two words then you might just get the picture. Kristy, Jay. Guessed it yet? Well its pretty obvious to you and even more obvious to me from where I'm standing. I watch as Kristy's perfectly manicured hand slithers round his waist, her expensive honey-blonde highlighted hair is hanging past her shoulders as she starts giggling and rests her head on his arm. Well, I thought Monday mornings were bad, but after seeing that  Wednesday has a new record. I stand there staring for what seems like 10 years, my mouth opens as I see Jay looking at her, smiling at her, then, slowly but surely, kiss her. Its a very long kiss. Really long..." Skye? come on we need to get to geography class!" complains hazel as she tugs at my baggy bottle green jumper. My eyes swivel away and I finally come to my senses. Geography, the most boring lesson ever, with a lesson objective to turn everyone into living skeletons. I groan and drag myself to geography. The joys of Wednesday.

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