He Doesn't Love Me Back...

Skye is only 14 when she falls for a guy, and oh boy, does she fall. But does he feel the same way?


5. School

There they are, Kristy and her gang. I wonder what they want this time. I watch as Kristy walks up to me, elegantly swaying her hips. It's almost as if she's had lessons on how to walk. Two seconds later I realise she's here and she's not happy. " Hey mud, what are you doing today, are you going out into the garden at home and making mud pies for mummy?" She glared at me with her cat- green eyes." No" I stammered as I talked to her, see, you might be wondering who's 'mud' well,that's me, just because I have mud brown eyes and not bright blue eyes like the sky. Mud, very original.



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