He Doesn't Love Me Back...

Skye is only 14 when she falls for a guy, and oh boy, does she fall. But does he feel the same way?


3. Home

Me, Hazel and Jay walked along the dusty pavement after school, on our way home, Hazel's house was nearest to our school so we went there first.We dropped her off and waved goodbye,then it was just me and Jay,we walked along in silence for a while and then I looked at him, that's when I realised that when you fall in love,you really fall. He then said "that's my stop" and raised his hand to wave when suddenly a head poked out from the door,"get in here you useless child you've still got you room,and the rest of the house to clean" it was a man with stubbly hair and a  beard  he was wearing a black vest and faded pyjama bottoms.Jay turned to me and said"I'm sorry,forget you ever saw me"

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