He Doesn't Love Me Back...

Skye is only 14 when she falls for a guy, and oh boy, does she fall. But does he feel the same way?


7. Geogrpahy

I sit listening to the ongoing teacher while chewing the end of my pen. Out of nowhere a small piece of paper lands on my exercise book, directly on top of the careless doodles from when I got bored last week. I look around the classroom suspiciously, but everyone either seems to be painting their nails under the desks, texting, reading magazines, an then there’s the geeks who are busy scribbling away. Everyone seems too busy to be sending me anything. I shrug and open up the folded piece of paper carefully. This is what it says-


What is up with you? seeming a bit bored don't you think? meet me at the cafe after school.

Café boy,


I stare at the piece of paper, my mouth open. I really need to stop opening my mouth, nobody wants a nickname after a fish. Anyway was it Jay? That's when I notice the loud noise of the boys at the back of the classroom, and sure enough Jay is there.

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