He Doesn't Love Me Back...

Skye is only 14 when she falls for a guy, and oh boy, does she fall. But does he feel the same way?


1. Dreaming

Sitting by the gloomy window, listening to the sound of raindrops falling, I get out my guitar and and let free a single sound. I sometimes imagine that the raindrops are clapping, clapping for me, that's why they make that noise. Of course they're not really clapping for me, I'm not that thick, I just like to dream they are. Kristy and her gang of followers would highly  disagree, in their eyes, I am as thick as a brick. I forget about Kristy and her  friend instead I walk over to the mirror and stare at my reflection. Everything is wrong, my mud-brown hair, my plain brown eyes, everything. I lift up my shirt and see my tummy bulging over my jeans, I may as well be Daisy the cow with a brick for a brain. Even the name Daisy would be better than Skye. If only I had sky-blue eyes, that alone would live up to my expectations and would at least suit my name. But I guess I am me, and me alone.Me, still dreaming...



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