In Service

This is the story of a young Victorian girl who goes in to domestic service.


1. Mr. Appleton's manor


“But Papa”

“Silence Elizabeth, it is now decided, for I have already contacted Mr. Appleton”

“Please think again,”

“Elizabeth Brook, I have spoken and declared you are to go into domestic service, that is the end of it. Now go to your room.”

The next morning I awoke, to find Mama rapping on my door, “Elizabeth, get up now. You have only two hours before you are expected at Mr. Appleton’s manor.”

“Coming Mama,”                            

Upon our arrival at the grand manor, the first thing I noticed was the fact that only the top two floors had lighting, and the rest were pitch black. The door was opened by an older woman, who was introduced as ‘Housekeeper Mary Knables’ and seemed quite nice. I kissed Mama and followed her inside.

“Now, do you wish to be called Elizabeth, or by another name?”

“I don’t know, miss,”

“Alright then, how does Lizzie sound?”

“Good Miss, Papa always called me Elizabeth, but I like the name Lizzie.”

“Very well then, that’s settled. Now Lizzie, this is your room, which you shear with five other girls. Duties begin in the Kitchen at five-o-clock sharp. Do not be late.”

“Yes, Miss”

“And feel free to just call me Mary.”


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