Amazing Authors

Authors on Movellas that I think are amazing. Just a little credit from a fellow author


5. Lia-Love-Cookies

Oh my god where to start? Well, Lia is a very talented person in writing with an unfortunate second name so she tells me. Being only a year younger than me, I wish I could write like she does a year or so ago. She joined Movellas on the 13th of February this year, and in that time has gained 196 fans!! Jesus Christ. Damn it, I will beat you one day Lia. Anyway. But she does in return fan a lot of people, having fanned 362 Movellians. Very generous.


Her most popular Movella has to be 'Highlighted Authors,' written with Elizabeth Hale and Cecelia Swan. Who I hope I will soon review. This idea has spread like wildfire through the pages of this website. A little personal thank you for being the 40th person on there. Personal Achievement!! Yay.


Anyway. Keep up the good work Lia, keep up the title for most Movellas! :D And keep loving the cookies :) Bye for now E.B

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