Amazing Authors

Authors on Movellas that I think are amazing. Just a little credit from a fellow author


3. Dann Fairface

Okay, Legend here! This twenty-one year old is amazing at writing books, he doesn't know how much. Before I say anything else, Dann, thank you for coming onto Movellas. From I think everyone. Anyway, to the review thingy.


Having joined Movellas on the 23rd of March, his popularity grew very very quickly. Currently having 13 Movellas and 107 fans. My personal favourite of his being 'She.' This being because he conveys the emotions and feelings brilliantly which most people can't do. And considering he's not even a girl makes it harder even still. Having recently just gotten back from writing the script for his short film: Cog Wheel Ranch, his Movellas have been screaming out for attention. But now he's back, and he's better than ever! Fighting back with his two Movellas 'The Wild Ones,' and 'Seventeen Seconds'. Both of which are totally original.


By the way, awesome hair Dann! Anyway, this is E.B out for now.



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