Amazing Authors

Authors on Movellas that I think are amazing. Just a little credit from a fellow author


4. Alice May Jones

Okay, this is girl is very... Well unique. I know her personally at school, it's all my fault she's on this website anyway, ahha. Anyway.

Alice very much does enjoys writing fanfictions, random things and from real life. Having joined on the 10th of December, and having 30 fans. She is doing well off for herself, but she could do better. So Fan her!! But you might want to read something.

My personal favourite of hers having to be..... The Diary of an Emo. And if you haven't read it, GO NOW!! It's amazing! Taking place from the p.o.v of a girl called Sam, only the age of 16. Actually here is the Blurb as follows: Sam is Depressed. She is 16 and sh is already sick of life. Sick of being bullied. Sick of being called an Emo because of her looks-

Wait a minute, you can read the movella! Go to Alice May Jones' page find it, and read it!!

Until next time E.B

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