Amazing Authors

Authors on Movellas that I think are amazing. Just a little credit from a fellow author


2. Adam Gilray

Okay, this dude is one of the main faces of Movellas. The now familiar cat face has appeared through out most people's favourite lists. Apparently being 0 years old, (Lol much). Being a member since the 27th of February 2012, his popularity has spreaded like wildfire. Having 32 Movellas, 91 fans and being a fan of 169 fellow authors (including me somehow). His ideas have developed very quickly. One of his most popular Movellas: 'Tis Most Excellent She's a Whore appeared on the list of most popular Movellas of the Month. And his trilogy of Vampires! has proven to be popular. I speak for a lot of people when I say: Give us a chance to get on the popular list. xD

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