Sound of the Wolf

If there is someone near, will they hear you?
If you are with someone, and you don't make a sound can they still hear you?
What happens when there is no one there for you or with you and you make a sound does someone hear your sound?
Carrie is someone like that, someone that doesn't have a person to listen or understand. Join her through her silent mission to make herself heard. Is this still the case, when horror strikes her mother she is transformed in to some one who isn't herself any more.


7. The letter

As Carrie walked slowly towards her bed and she slowly adjusted to what she was seeing on her pillow. A ivory coloured envelope was lying there, anxiously about keeping what was inside it a secret. Her hand went in slow motion and ripped the seal off the top. Her mothers handwriting was like a spell to her, it was hard to read if no-one had read anything by her but to Carrie it was a poem flowing like a calm but tough river.

Dearest love,

You will only be reading this because I will have left you. Keep this letter a secret because I am going to tell you something that even you father doesn't know. Please don't show or tell this to anyone, guard it with your life.

When you were a week old I took you for tests. I wasn't that normal then and this was the thing I did. I even did this with your father after getting him drunk. Anyway I found out that there was a art of your brain that resembled that of the current wolf. When you were little you teethed just like a puppy and you never ate any vegetables. What I am trying to say is that you are a- were wolf. You are not the only one of this type, there are others out there. There is a book in you chest with all you need to know. I am sorry it had to be this way. The only person apart from me and now you is your step father. I know that this is hard to understand but good luck. I am finally glad you know, it has given me peace.

Love from


The folded peace of paper fell slowly to the floor. Carrie didn't move a muscle even when there was a low and concerened tap on the door behind her. Carrie didn't even flinch.

"Carrie, are you okay honey?" her step dad asked, even though he was trying to disguise it he was clearly worried.

" Hey Paul I hav,ve to go home," she stuttered, "I have to think more clearly. This place is confusing me more."

She bolted through the door and nocked Paul in to the bathroom. She grabbed her suitcase off the rack in the spare room and rushed back in to her room. She opened her cuboard doors to hard so that one of the hinges fell off.  She didn't stop unpacking the wardrobe and throwing them in to the suitcase. These clothes were the ones she had brought with her and didn't wear, she didn't care, she just wanted to get out of here. As she had finished she dragged the case down the stairs whilst phoning for a taxi. Mummbles from her step-dad didn't bother her. Soon enough the taxi gave the same sharp toot that she had heard when leaving to see her mother die. She heaved the suitcase in to the back of the car and shoved herself in. It was over so fast that she couldn't believe the way she had left. She looked out the window just as the taxi was pulling around the corner. Her step dad was crying in the middle of the road. Just like her dad had been when she left for this hell.

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