Sound of the Wolf

If there is someone near, will they hear you?
If you are with someone, and you don't make a sound can they still hear you?
What happens when there is no one there for you or with you and you make a sound does someone hear your sound?
Carrie is someone like that, someone that doesn't have a person to listen or understand. Join her through her silent mission to make herself heard. Is this still the case, when horror strikes her mother she is transformed in to some one who isn't herself any more.


5. Mother's road-The scene

As she arrived at the house he step dad was there, his face was lost not in this world. She rushed out the door and grabbed him in to a hug. 

"Hey Carrie, you need to know something."

"Yeah what?" she mumbled in to his t-shirt.

"Your mothers ill, she's been asking for you."

Carrie took a step back, wondering why this was. She stood there frozen with the news, Paul stepped around her to get her bags. Soon he was by her side, and opening the door with some difficulty. As he entered he was on his tip toes trying to make as little noise as possible. He set the backs down carefully, once he did he motioned a coming in hand to her, who hadn't even stepped in side yet, with a silence finger that you would do for a 3 year-old. Carrie took her sharp heeled boots off and left them on the porch. She followed him in to the spare bedroom on the lower floor. Nothing had changed for the month that she hadn't been here. As she got closer the faint beep of a heart monitor was breaking the frozen silence. Each step took her closer and made her more nervous in to how her mother would look. After what seemed like years of movement she saw her mother lying helpless on the bed. Here eyes were open but it seemed  like she was looking at nothing. Carrie stood stunned at the door way, she only said one word:


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