Sound of the Wolf

If there is someone near, will they hear you?
If you are with someone, and you don't make a sound can they still hear you?
What happens when there is no one there for you or with you and you make a sound does someone hear your sound?
Carrie is someone like that, someone that doesn't have a person to listen or understand. Join her through her silent mission to make herself heard. Is this still the case, when horror strikes her mother she is transformed in to some one who isn't herself any more.


6. Mother's road-The end

It was five days since Carrie had arrived. She didn't spend that much time with her mother, the sight of her lying there helpless broke her down and made her want to run away. It was just at this time that she had been told what was wrong with her, it was cancer. It was fast growing and terminal so that the doctors didn't know how to stop it. All they did know is that out of her 9 whole and perfect cat lives the last quarter of them all was still in her. It was a waiting game to see when she would slip through their fingers.

The next day  

    It was too soon for all of them. Her mother's last words were 1 whole month ago, no-one could remember what they were apart from Carrie. It was the day she left to go and live with her dad:

"TAXI!" Paul had called

"Come on honey, you'll be late. Get up, get up, get up!" he mother pestered. Carrie gave a groan which was muffled by a pillow.

"10 more minutes please." Carrie turned over and her eyes screwed tight shut. Her mother pulled her out of bed, she had her dressed her the previous night to make sure that she wouldn't be late after she would have woken late and missed the plane from being dressed. as Carrie eventually woke up she had kissed her mother goodbye in the taxi.

"Goodbye my love."

That was the very last thing her mother had said to her and it was the last word to anyone. She died early that morning, Carrie was with her, she had never left her side. Later that day, when he mother was truly gone, she phoned her dad saying the bad news:

"Hello dad," Carrie's voice was cracked and sore as she spoke in less than a whisper, "you already know what I am going to say. I am so sorry that it had to be this way."

As she finished that last word there was a loud, muffled scream of pain and then the phone was put sharply back on the receiver. She slowly put the phone back to. Carrie felt like a feather, weightless and not whole in herself. She struggled to her feet and made her way to her old bedroom. She had slept on the sofa when she had first arrived and hadn't been near it since she had come back. This time she had plucked up the courage to venture in to it and visit her memories. Her had slowly reached for the handle, hesitantly she turned it and she let the door swing open slowly, she didn't feel ready for this. She made her legs walk in even though they felt they were amerced in concrete. Closer and closer she got to her bed which held her old teddy Mr Muffin. As she reached out to the worn out teddy she noticed something slightly shiny and unnatural. It was a letter addressed to her. And it was in her mothers handwriting.

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