Sound of the Wolf

If there is someone near, will they hear you?
If you are with someone, and you don't make a sound can they still hear you?
What happens when there is no one there for you or with you and you make a sound does someone hear your sound?
Carrie is someone like that, someone that doesn't have a person to listen or understand. Join her through her silent mission to make herself heard. Is this still the case, when horror strikes her mother she is transformed in to some one who isn't herself any more.


4. Mother's road-The beginning

It was a week since she had been in the woods and heard that wolf. That wasn't the only thing that was wrong though, her mother hadn't called or emailed her for 5 days. Carrie wasn't the only one who was worried, even though her mum and dad were divorced they always acted like they were high school kids on their first date, but this was affecting her dad more than she would have realised. He was glum, not eating the way he should, he was up late and she never saw him before she went to school.

"Dad, are you okay? You've left half of you dinner."

"Your step dad called, he wants you to go see your mum tonight. Here's the ticket, I packed your bag."

"Okay, when do I leave?"

"6, the taxi arrives in 5 minutes."

Just then a low, sharp beep came from outside. A taxi stood there looking impatient. 

"I'll see you in a few days then, have a good time." he said not looking up from his dinner. Carrie left with out another word. As she opened the door she thought of why her step-dad Paul had phoned and not her mother. The door reluctantly opened on the taxi as she climbed in. As the car started again she looked back at the house, her dad was in the window crying.   

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