Sound of the Wolf

If there is someone near, will they hear you?
If you are with someone, and you don't make a sound can they still hear you?
What happens when there is no one there for you or with you and you make a sound does someone hear your sound?
Carrie is someone like that, someone that doesn't have a person to listen or understand. Join her through her silent mission to make herself heard. Is this still the case, when horror strikes her mother she is transformed in to some one who isn't herself any more.


2. Discovery

The wind howled it's mornful cry through the trees. The leaves shuddered through it's icy breath. Frantic patters of footsteps echoed through the forest. The footsteps were not alone. Thuds of massive paws ran with them in an uneven rythm. Their howls of their secret voices cried through the the maze of black ghostly trees. The young girl was petrifide, frozen to the spot. A flurry of leaves hit her with force, nocking her to the ground. Soon enough, to soon for her, a blanket of fur covered her eyes. It wasn't on top of her but it was close enough to touch. It's breathing was deep but stuttered. It's fur shone like a diamond in the moon's bright and watchful gaze. Her hand slowly reached up to touch it's stomach, but it was to late. In one quick bound it was off through the forest, the memory was all she had to prove it was real.

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