My sister and me.

Courtney and Marie are Twins, identical in all but their personalities, one confident and clever, the other, Shy and smart. When the girls where 13 Courtney was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and her sister Marie was a perfect Match, with everything, but how could you use a child like that? Slowly saving her sisters life, but, killing her own. At the time of Courtney's diagnosis her mother was heavily pregnant, her stress levels went through the roof, and the babies were born prematurely. Seeing the state of her family, Marie stepped in as a donor for her sister, but has time run out?


5. Marie.

Courtney's alarm shakes me awake.

I remember climbing into my sisters bed but, not falling asleep.

I search around blindly in the darkness trying to turn off her alarm. Finally I find it, it is still recording something, I stop the recording and open the curtains, Courtney is usually awake by now.

I walk over too her bed and kneel by her, that's when I notice. Her cheeks have no colour and, the familiar sound of her breath isn't there. Slowly I take her hand, holding it in mine.

Its cold.

"Courtney?" I ask.

I already know that there is no point in asking her to wake up but, what can I do?

"Courtney, please wake up, please." 

Tears roll down my cheeks, I climb back into her bed, and wrap my arms around her. I fall back too sleep with her in my arms and memories in my head, I know crying is no good, but, everything I see reminds me of her.


When I wake up, I am in my bed, Courtney is gone.


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