My sister and me.

Courtney and Marie are Twins, identical in all but their personalities, one confident and clever, the other, Shy and smart. When the girls where 13 Courtney was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and her sister Marie was a perfect Match, with everything, but how could you use a child like that? Slowly saving her sisters life, but, killing her own. At the time of Courtney's diagnosis her mother was heavily pregnant, her stress levels went through the roof, and the babies were born prematurely. Seeing the state of her family, Marie stepped in as a donor for her sister, but has time run out?


3. Marie.

Today I am at home for the first time in 2 weeks, everything is just how we left it, even my cats are still sitting in the same places. Today Courtney will finally meet Marah and Isaac! I smile to myself as I cradle Marah in my arms, dad is in the nursery putting Isaac to bed, so me and Marah are alone, I gaze at her and for some unknown reason, my mind wanders to Jessica, my triplet, I can imagine her looking just like Marah. Jessie, Marah?

There did you see it?! Did you see it?! She opened her eyes!!! 

they aren't brown like mine were, they are blue like Courtney's. I wonder if Jessie's eyes were blue or brown? 

Coricopat and Tantomile (yes I know they are the names' Siamese in the play CATS) meow in the corner, complaining that I haven't given them any attention. I roll my eyes and carry Marah upstairs to the nursery, Isaac still isn't asleep, dad turns round to me.

"Help! I am no good at this!" he complained I laughed, he said the same thing to me when we were tidying the house up for Courtney's return -he couldn't work out how to turn the hover on!!! I laughed as he held Isaac at arms length when he began to cry. I put Marah in her crib and took Isaac and put him in the crib as well.

"That's not Isaac's crib." dad said as i pulled the blanket up over the pair of them.

"I know who's crib it is! They have shared an incubator for the past 2 weeks, he doesn't know what it is like to be apart from Marah." I said, and dad nodded as if he understood but, I am pretty sure that he had no idea what I was on about.

The pair are finally asleep when Courtney and mum arrive home.

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