My sister and me.

Courtney and Marie are Twins, identical in all but their personalities, one confident and clever, the other, Shy and smart. When the girls where 13 Courtney was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and her sister Marie was a perfect Match, with everything, but how could you use a child like that? Slowly saving her sisters life, but, killing her own. At the time of Courtney's diagnosis her mother was heavily pregnant, her stress levels went through the roof, and the babies were born prematurely. Seeing the state of her family, Marie stepped in as a donor for her sister, but has time run out?


1. Marie.

I'm Marie Laura Diane Greene,  I am a sister, daughter, friend, niece and donor. Last year my sister Courtney was diagnosed with acute leukemia, and I stepped in as a donor, I give her everything, and anything, in someways most of her body is parts of me.

The stress of the diagnosis meant that my younger brother and sister were born prematurely, almost 2 months before they were due! Most of my life revolves around this Hospital, Sitting here with Isaac and Marah, or sleeping in the other room with Courtney. Sometimes I lie in one of these hospital beds myself, staring at the same spot on the ceiling for ours until my eyelids finally close. I don't mind being here as much as I used to, the disgusting smell of disinfectant and the constant drip of blood, doesn't bother me, not anymore. We take it in turns me, mum and dad, one of us sits with Isaac and Marah and another with Courtney, the other acts as a runner, carrying messages between the three of us and bringing coffee and food etc. I hardly ever get to be the runner because- and i quote- "This hospital isn't safe for little girls!", my mum always says that  although this hospital is like a second home to me now, which in its self is quite worrying!

I put my arms through the holes in the incubator and smile as Isaac and Marah's fingers curl round my thumbs.  A familiar hand taps my shoulder, which is followed by a familiar voice.

"Time to swap over, Courtney is asking for you."

I turn round and look into my fathers eyes, they are tired and worried, and his smile (although reassuring) does not quite reach them. I pull my thumbs free of the small hands belonging to my siblings and kiss my dad goodbye as I walk off towards the cancer ward. Courtney is in room W3 she always is, it has effectively become hers. As I stroll in a smile spreads across her face even though she is beginning her chemo in under 5 minutes. 

"We should be able to go home soon!" she chirps. I laugh, the medicine in this place always gives Courtney mood swings, in a moment she will be all sad and mopey, or agitated and fidgety, so i'll enjoy the happy while it lasts. We chat till her chemo starts and then I have to leave for a moment. I walk down to the shop, and, buy some mints, as well as " magazines.

"chemo today Miss Marie?" I nod at Charlie, the shop keeper, when ever Courtney starts chemo, I buy the same thing, mints and 2 magazines. 

"Give her my love!" charlie calls after me as I leave the shop.

When I get back to room W3 Courtney is laying down but she sits up when I come in.

"Hey, was I gone long?" I ask. She shakes her head, I hand her on of the Magazines and sit in the chair by the window and, begin reading my own magazine. I soon get bored of my magazine and turn to look out of the window. As I Stare out of the window at the never ending countryside I hear a sound that is all too familiar, retching. I walk quickly across the room, to Courtney, grabbing  the sick bowl on the way, and hand it too her, sitting down on the bed next too her, pulling her hair out of the way as she is sick. Afterwards, I remove the bowl from her hands, hand her a wipe and pull the mints from my pocket. She smiles weakly as she takes one.

"Thanks." She says.

"what would you do without me?!" I ask smiling.

"I have no idea!" 

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