My sister and me.

Courtney and Marie are Twins, identical in all but their personalities, one confident and clever, the other, Shy and smart. When the girls where 13 Courtney was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and her sister Marie was a perfect Match, with everything, but how could you use a child like that? Slowly saving her sisters life, but, killing her own. At the time of Courtney's diagnosis her mother was heavily pregnant, her stress levels went through the roof, and the babies were born prematurely. Seeing the state of her family, Marie stepped in as a donor for her sister, but has time run out?


7. Finale chapter.

"The Greene family moved away, however, Courtney was never forgot, and, certainly not by Isaac, his first word in fact was Courtney! Marie moved back too our first home when she was 18 and, she has stayed there ever since, she now works on the cancer ward at the hospital and on weekends, does volunteer work at the premature baby unit. I suppose you could say Marie never really moved on after Courtney, in someway you would be correct in thinking so, but now, she is 28, engaged, and has 3 beautiful girls, triplets,

Laura, Jessica and of course Courtney."


I look into three sets of eyes, they eagerly await more. 

" I can't tell you anymore girls, the next part is your story!"

"Oh go on Auntie Marah tell us another one!" The girls chorus, I look at my big sister chatting away with our parents no doubt about wedding arrangements.

"Oh alright, how about you give me one thing you want in it? Laura?"

"Mummy!" She says excitedly.

"Okay, what about you Jessie?" I ask

"Granddad and Granny!" She shouts.


"Can it have you in it and uncle Isaac?"

"Of course it can!"

So, the story began...


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