moving to high school

moving to high school is hard but it supposed to be fun or is it


1. moving

When you have been in high school for so long you get attached and know lots of people and have best friends but at the end of P7 all of that changes.Some of your friends go of to different schools and you will maybe not be in touch with them any more, but when you move to high school everything changes. I feel scared and excited at the same time I have seen my school and made friends already so really anywhere you go you will always make friends, bulling is very unlikely to happen but if it does just go straight to the teacher or your mum.If someone calls you a name but then are friends with you later that means there only messing about but just have fun yeah, you will get more homework but still do your hardest and also have so much fun go out to places with friends go party.There will be some ups and downs and maybe teachers you don't like but that's only tiny wee things,like missing the bus or getting on the wrong one but trust yourself be ready in time set an alarm but still do your hardest I am going to secondary school in September yeah im pretty scared but know I will have the best of time there so you should too.

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