Vampyre Island

When Samantha is washed up on a beach, she thinks it's deserted...


1. Washed Up

   6th June 2012

   Samantha vomited. Charming. All over the beach. Lovely.

   Being washed up on the beach was not the most fun thing that Sam had done, much less drowning. As she shook on all fours on the white sand, retching, she heard seagulls squawking.

   “Oh, dear.”

   She seemed to have got herself washed up on an island. A deserted one, besides the seagulls. All of a sudden, it all came flooding back. Clive had pushed her off the ship in a murder bid, and knowing him, probably lied, and said she had committed suicide. Idiotic bastard. He had no idea how mad she was. Normally, she tolerated him for the sake of their sick mother, but this time she wouldn't be quite so lenient.

   Suddenly, Sam's vision became blurred, like she had forgotten to put her contacts in. She crumpled on the clean white grains, unconscious.


    A pleasant crackling noise came from to Sam's left. Without opening her eyes, she sniffed. A camp-fire. Someone touched her neck. Not the normal thing to do. Gingerly, she opened her eyes and saw a girl above her, grinning. No. Baring fangs, glinting in the firelight, pure white.

   “ARGH!” Sam scrambled backwards, screeching her jaw off – almost literally. The girl was advancing towards her, slowly, predatory. Until a hand came down on her shoulder and flung her backwards with inhuman strength and speed, with her yowling, finally landing one hundred yards away. She sprinted back, faster than one could blink.

   “Amelia. Stop. We are not barbarians.” Sam's rescuer was a man, about six foot tall, with pale skin and no fangs. Amelia looked at him, then back at Sam. “Forgive me. Amelia is very rude to our visitors. I can assure you, it will not happen again.”

   Breathlessly, Sam said: "No problem." But it was a problem, a big one. What were these creatures? Looking around, she spied at least twenty of these creatures, sitting around the camp-fire, some staring at her, some just talking amongst themselves. They had one thing in common - they looked starved.

   "I suppose I should explain. But first, welcome to Vampyre Island. My name is Peter. We are so hungry." A pair of fangs appeared to grow suddenly. Sam jumped to her feet, slipped, attempted once more to stand up, then endeavoured to run away, but it was no use, judging by how fast Amelia ran.

   "CLIVE, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" She screamed, running like a hoodlum.


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