When We Were Young


3. Reception

I have so many childhood memories of Niall in reception. Here are just a few of them...




Niall was sat beside me, on one of the titchy tables and on one of the titchy chairs.

"Let's play dragons Georgia," he said.

"Yeah, sssssssss!" I said

"NO! Dragons don't go ssssssssssssss! Snakes go ssssssss! Dragons go raaaaaaah! And they blow out fire," he explained.

"Oh. I like snakes better. Coz you can bite people's bums!" I said, and Niall and I giggled.

"Settle down children," the teacher said, but she smiled anyway.

"Okay, we'll play snakes! And I'm gonna bite Mrs Maylin's bum first!" Then we giggled some more. But we were to frightened to even touch Mrs Maylin's bum.

"Let's play snakes after school cos you live near me!" I said.

"Yeah!" He said.

* * *

After school my mum took me round to Niall's house. We played snakes and Niall introduced me to Michael, his imaginary friend. Then I had chips and fish for tea (at Niall's house) and then my mum picked me up from his house.





And that was how me and Niall Horan met.

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