The day of the trip at school.

Bobby, who is a lovely boy gets bullied and annoyed by 2 boys in his class for being different, Bobby's class goes on a trip to the museum and the 2 horrible boys threaten to get him, after the trip they chase him home but theres a sudden stop as the wind has made a tree tumble over on to the road, there was no time for Bobby to run around, the boys got him! but then, a girl came over and shouted stop!!!


1. The girl.

Its the day of the museum trip with the class and im walking to school terrified ad i will be with two horrible boys names Aiden and Jack. I was told by all the teachers that they are lovely boys, ha!  THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT..   Yesterday? When I was walking to school they kept telling me that I smelled, Jack tripped me up!  I dont know why teachers thing they are lovely.. I'm eventually at the school and about to get on the bus, I'm terrified.  Jack and Aiden sit behind me and i heard them saying thaqt they were going to get me after school. I was shivering with fright.  All I knew was they were going to get me after school but I didn't know what time, thats all I thought of on the rest of the trip! Maybe I could have ran from school?  I didn't know what to do. We arrived at the museum about one hour ago and we only had one hour to go, but it was ok. Time was going very fast!  I could hear Aiden and jack sniggering behind me but finally we were about to get on the bus!  I couldn't wait to run home, but maybe? they might get me tomorrow! I better not thing of that! I dont know what to do, im so confused..   maybe I should tell someone. I got off the bus at the school and began to run until i saw a tree in the middle of the road and I couldn't get round, oh no, i could hear them getting closer, my heart began to beat faster than normal. They were behind me, I couldn't go anywhere.  They had caught me.


"STOP!!!" shouted this lovely girl, she looked like a girl from a movie. Aiden and Jack stopped hitting me, she came closer. Felt my fore head. Helped me up. She was lovely.  "Thank-you", I whispered.  She told the boys to leave me. It was quite weird because the next day?  they never said a thing! I was so suprised, the girl came into the class and she whispered "miss?" "oh Isabella, welcome to the class.


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