A new girl at school is just the person Jane is looking for. Margaret wont be safe. Will the narrator be able to save Margaret? Or will Margaret fall?

Find out by reading Battles!


2. The Plan

"I'm so sorry!" squeaked Margaret. "I hope you are ok." I had a sudden urge to be mean. I didn't want to be mean though. I bit my tongue and blurted "It's fine!" I ran away. I eventually found Jane. She was sitting on her own, playing on her phone. She heard me coming and grinned. "Do you want to be part of my plan? You know? To get Margaret." I stared at Jane horrified. I did NOT want to help. I hate bullying. Yes, I've been bullied before. It was at my old school. Jane doesn't know that. I never talk about it. "NO!" I said to Jane. "I don't want to be part of your plan." Jane got up and walked round the corner of the school. She said something but i didn't hear. After a sickening 5 minutes I heard a group of girls shouting "YEAH!"

Jane Had gathered a group of "friends". I saw when i peeked round the corner. They were Sophie, Lola, Tammie and Cat from my class. They gathered aroung Margaret. I felt sick. I ran into the toilets and splashed my with water. Margaret came running in after a few minutes. As far as i can see, she had bruises on her arms and she had a black eye. I couldn't see much after that because she locked herself in a cubicle. I felt like screaming in anger.

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