A new girl at school is just the person Jane is looking for. Margaret wont be safe. Will the narrator be able to save Margaret? Or will Margaret fall?

Find out by reading Battles!


3. Splitting Up

When i got outside, Jane and her cronies were laughing. Jane saw me at the door and came over. "Did you see her FACE?" spluttered Jane. The other girls started laughing harder. I'm surprised their heads didn't fall off. I suddenly felt Ice cold. "I...I...did see her," I said. "You horrible people did this to Margaret!" My voice started to raise to a shout. "WHY? WHAT HAS SHE EVER DONE TO YOU?" Jane looked like she was going to kill me. Jane calmly said, "Fine! Be like that. I'm never speaking to you again. I'm not your friend anymore." I shouted "Fine!" I walked towards the benches at the other side of the playground. i didn't look back at Jane. I told myself I would make new friends. 

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