A new girl at school is just the person Jane is looking for. Margaret wont be safe. Will the narrator be able to save Margaret? Or will Margaret fall?

Find out by reading Battles!


1. New Girl

Have you ever thought that your supposed "enemy" would dissapear and then become your friend. I didn't. There was this new girl at school. She had long hair and sparkling, green eyes. Her name was Margaret. Margaret seemed shy but she smiled all the same. When Mrs McDonald introduced her to us, Margaret beamed. Nobody smiled back. I wanted to, but I never. Jane, my best friend, leaned over and said "That kid is going down. She is very fat too. Look! She is the size of a pregnant elephant!" I glared at Jane as that was a horrible comment. Margaret wasn't even fat. She was bigger than the other girls but not fat! Just because Jane was very skinny and had pretty black hair; and brown eyes, didn't mean she had to bully Margaret. I resolved to tell Jane to stop being a bully at break. I smiled at Margaret. BIG MISTAKE!

At break Jane stormed out of the classroom, dragging me with her She glared at me and growled "Don't bother making friends with Margaret. She doesn't belong here. THINK ABOUT IT, OK!" Jane nipped my shoulder and walked off. I was left shocked and bewildered. I went running after Jane. I crashed right into Margaret! When I picked myself up I wanted to keep running, but Margaret was in my way.

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