A new girl at school is just the person Jane is looking for. Margaret wont be safe. Will the narrator be able to save Margaret? Or will Margaret fall?

Find out by reading Battles!


4. "Mad Maggie"

I didn't make friends with anyone. Not even Margaret She avoided my eyes and didn't speak to anyone. Not even the Teacher. Margaret would politely answer questions, if the teacher asked her them. But apart from that she remained silent. I think she was going crazy. Margaret would mutter things that didn't make sense and she would spend lunch time in the library. It was at break time that i think she dreaded. You weren't aloud in the library at break time. Jane and her cronies would tease Margaret all the time, but not in class because Mrs McDonald was there, watching.

The bullying towards Margaret went on for weeks. Margaret didn't tell anyone about the bullying. Not the teacher, not her parents, not even anyone in her family. She just silently suffered. Her comebacks were rubbish. I felt really sorry for Margaret but i was too scared to get involved. Jane would give me the occasional glare, but apart from that she left me alone. Jane had came up with a name for Margaret. It was "Mad Maggie!". Jane called her that because Margaret had no friends and she had started to talk to herself. Jane had got almost the whole class to call her "Mad Maggie!" and I was beginning to Jane was taking the bullying a little too far. Margaret looked awful. I think she was ill. She was off school or two weeks. She came back for about a week and then she was off school again.

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